saturday, 2. October 2021

42. Šmarna gora run 2021


Congratulations to all the competitors and also to the fans for helping us to run this year’s Run to Šmarna gora. Despite the missing international team, the covid situation and the canceled Šmarna gora Record, we have shown that the traditional Šmarna gora Run is in our hearts, that we love mountain running and we are proud of our Šmarna gora, which allows us to move in quality every day. and a healthy environment. See you next year!

cancellation of the event
Rekord Šmarna gora race 2021 CANCELED!

As you know, the organizers of Šmarna gora run and Rekord have planned this year’s events for October 1st and 2nd.

The current restrictions make it very difficult for us to hold events in the form we were used to, especially the controversial events at the top of Šmarna gora, where active and passive participants of the sports event mix with other visitors to Šmarna gora. So we decided to hold the RUN TO ŠMARNA GORA event, but in a much changed form. We will omit all events related to the top of Šmarna gora.

With Record, the matter is different – there can be no record without the inclusion of the top, so we are canceling this year’s record. Applicants will, of course, receive a refund of the entry fee.

new addition
The rich history of runs to Šmarna gora is presented

The organizers of the Šmarna gora run in cooperation with the Šmarna gora Mountaineering Association, set up a monument at the top of the most visited mountain in Slovenia, with which we wanted to present the rich history of more or less cross-country sports events connected with our Šmarna gora.

A free-standing panel measuring 2m x 1.3m is placed at the place where the Rekord finish and, since last year, also Run, have been set. It consists of two substantively separate halves.

The second panel measuring 1.5 x 1.5 m is intended primarily for connoisseurs of Running and Record. It is placed in the finish line, which has had a permanent place in the immediate vicinity of the finish line since last autumn. In pictures and words, it represents the 42-year history of Running and the 26-year history of Record.

share your memories with us
Send your photos on the podium and we will publish the selected ones!

Stairs for the best have already been set up on Šmarna gora, which will compete in the Šmarnogora runs. Well, especially beautiful victories are also such when you climb a “mountain” with friends and take your photo on the mentioned podiums. Send us your photos of this kind to: krnc.sp@gmail.com and we will be happy to publish the selected ones !;)

Timotej Bečan
Prešernov trg - Šmarna gora

The best mountain runner of recent seasons in Slovenia, Timotej Bečan, has set himself a special goal – running from Prešeren Square in Ljubljana to the top of Šmarna gora. Here is his role.

Šmarna gora running 2020

impressions of competitors and journalists

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Tomo Šarf


Filimon Abraham, a German mountain runner of Eritrean descent, became the first man to arrive on Smarna Gora in less than 11 minutes. The new record of Šmarna gora is 10min59s.

Timotej Bečan, as the fastest Slovene, finished third and set a new fastest Slovenian time of 11min 12s.

Among the girls, the winner is currently our best mountain runner Mojca Koligar, 14min35s.

The results are currently available here.

Photo: Bogo Trontelj