Last year, after the 40th run, I announced a change of generations, but this year’s situation convinced us that we would do it a little more gradually.

Behind us is certainly the most stressful of all 41 Runs.

Not because we had to adapt the entire organization to the existing Covid requirements, but because we had to somehow guess or predict what the situation would be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in a week, when day X arrived. Even on Wednesday, two days before the match, when everything was really ready, we seriously considered whether, given the expected new restrictions, we even hope to take on the responsibility of organizing a two-day sports event on Šmarna gora. The decision was clear, the world is spinning forward. And who else will be the driving force in this, if not us, athletes in body and soul?

Just as we, the organizers, will remember this 41-run, you, the runners, will remember this year as well. However, not everything is so disturbing, negative, I caught the ear from the care of the first, “privileged” starting lines. Great, no crowds at the start. Still others will say: yes, for him, who was alone in the front row, this is great, but what about me, who had to run a 30 meter longer course ?!

Yes, let’s look at everything with positive energy and look forward to the 42nd Run on Šmarna gora. I hope that in “normal” conditions and even more I hope that this madhouse with masks and disinfectants and everyone else will not be accepted as something normal.

Goodbye in October 2021, Tomo

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