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Live Streaming

As already mentioned, it will be possible to watch this year’s Šmarna gora runs live via Live Streaming.

This will be available on the links, which will be active 5 minutes before the start of the competition.

So for the Šmarna Gora Record at 4:45 p.m. and for the Šmarna Gora Run at 9:45 a.m.

26th Šmarna gora Record:

43rd Šmarna gora race:

Links are activated 5 minutes before the first start!

Live streaming

live broadcast of events on Šmarna Gora!

Šmarna Gora Runs bring something new this year – a live broadcast of the events on Šmarna Gora.

During Friday’s Rekord and Saturday’s Run, for the first time this year you will be able to follow the competitors’ arrivals at the finish line live.”

More about this and the download link in the coming days.


sponsor of the Šmarna gora Record

We are happy to have our loyal sponsor DYNAFIT with us again, who also contributes prizes for our prize game. 


Šmarna gora race 2022

Along the course with Timotej BEČAN

The ambassador of the Šmarna gora Race, Timotej Bečan, ran for all of us along the Šmarna gora Race course. You are invited to the Running Weekend, September 30 and October 1.

video: Timotej Bečan

Timotej Bečan

Sunrise on Šmarna Gora

Is there anything better than starting the day with a perfect sunrise? Well, it’s hard for anyone to see the latter from their balcony, unless they live a little higher on a slope that faces exactly east. Well, Šmarna gora offers just such a “balcony”…

Timotej Bečan, the ambasador of Šmarna gora run, in this B(r)LOG. Enjoy reading!


foto: Timotej Bečan

Timotej Bečan

bachelor party ON ŠMARNA GORA

It’s okay to have a bachelor party before marriage, right? Well, my colleagues decided to drag me to Šmarna gora for this occasion. Of course, it was cute, especially when they embarrassed me no matter how many times and honestly laughed at it. I clearly took everything as a joke, because this is a day or evening when friends can treat you…

Timotej Bečan, the amabasador of Šmarnogorsk runs, in this B(r)LOG.

Enjoy reading!

Timotejev B(r)log #41

foto: Timotej Bečan

Timotej Bečan

spring on šmarna gora

“Spring is a rebirth for nature and for runners in a way, as we start to wake up from hibernation and after a longer base we start with more serious preparations for the upcoming season. In fact, it is a natural process of a competitor engaged in mostly summer sports. Even though cross-country races are organized throughout the year, even in the coldest months … “

The ambassador of Šmarnogorski teki Timotej Bečan is in this B (r) LOG. Enjoy reading!

Timotejev B(r)log #38


foto: Timotej Bečan

Timotej Bečan


Gostilna Ledinek has been the main and loyal sponsor of these two events since the beginning of the Šmarna gora Record and Šmarna gora runs. Not only do they have excellent food, their quality service and friendliness is the pride of all of us who regularly visit our hill and pamper ourselves in our favorite inn.

In this B (r) LOG, the ambassador of Šmarnogorski teki, Timotej Bečan, described his attitude towards the inn, the events and the memories that bind him to him. Enjoy reading!

Timotejev B(r)log #32

foto: Timotej Bečan

Timotej Bečan

Šmarna Gora IN WINTER

“Interestingly, the Šmarna Gora Record was sometimes held in February, in the winter. There is still controversy about what conditions are better for this race. The fact is that the track was better then in dry conditions, and the roots are not in such it measures “protruding” from the ground due to increasing erosion, but it could have been slippery. Some people like lower temperatures (including me), while others literally freeze and prefer the heat. Maybe I’ll test myself in the winter. “

Timotejev B(r)log #29

foto: Timotej Bečan

Tomo Šarf


At the annual congress of the World Mountain Running Federation (WMRA), the current secretary Tomo Šarf was elected the new president. In this position, after four years, he replaced the multiple world champion in mountain running, New Zealander Jonathan Wyatt. He became the honorary president of the WMRA. Source and more about this: SLOVENIAN ATHLETICS

Timotej Bečan


We are proud to announce that Timotej Bečan is the ambassador of Šmarna gora run in 2022.

Timothy is already very popular in the world of running, not only in mountain running, but also on medium and long distances.

In the last blog, he presents his relationship towards Šmarna gora, from his childhood times until now, when he ranks among the top 10 mountain runners in the world.

You can follow Timotej on social media Facebook and Instagram and allso on his website.

42. Šmarna gora run 2021


Congratulations to all the competitors and also to the fans for helping us to run this year’s Run to Šmarna gora. Despite the missing international team, the covid situation and the canceled Šmarna gora Record, we have shown that the traditional Šmarna gora Run is in our hearts, that we love mountain running and we are proud of our Šmarna gora, which allows us to move in quality every day. and a healthy environment. See you next year!

new addition
The rich history of runs to Šmarna gora is presented

The organizers of the Šmarna gora run in cooperation with the Šmarna gora Mountaineering Association, set up a monument at the top of the most visited mountain in Slovenia, with which we wanted to present the rich history of more or less cross-country sports events connected with our Šmarna gora.

A free-standing panel measuring 2m x 1.3m is placed at the place where the Rekord finish and, since last year, also Run, have been set. It consists of two substantively separate halves.

The second panel measuring 1.5 x 1.5 m is intended primarily for connoisseurs of Running and Record. It is placed in the finish line, which has had a permanent place in the immediate vicinity of the finish line since last autumn. In pictures and words, it represents the 42-year history of Running and the 26-year history of Record.

share your memories with us
Send your photos on the podium and we will publish the selected ones!

Stairs for the best have already been set up on Šmarna gora, which will compete in the Šmarnogora runs. Well, especially beautiful victories are also such when you climb a “mountain” with friends and take your photo on the mentioned podiums. Send us your photos of this kind to: and we will be happy to publish the selected ones !;)

Timotej Bečan
Prešernov trg - Šmarna gora

The best mountain runner of recent seasons in Slovenia, Timotej Bečan, has set himself a special goal – running from Prešeren Square in Ljubljana to the top of Šmarna gora. Here is his role.

Šmarna gora running 2020

impressions of competitors and journalists

25. Šmarna gora Record

41. Šmarna gora race

About race after race

Last year, after the 40th race, I have announced a change of generations, but…

Tomo Šarf


Filimon Abraham, a German mountain runner of Eritrean descent, became the first man to arrive on Smarna Gora in less than 11 minutes. The new record of Šmarna gora is 10min59s.

Timotej Bečan, as the fastest Slovene, finished third and set a new fastest Slovenian time of 11min 12s.

Among the girls, the winner is currently our best mountain runner Mojca Koligar, 14min35s.

The results are currently available here.

Photo: Bogo Trontelj